No, I didn’t go to India Gate.

You just can’t escape this idiotic, meaningless, hypocritical circus, can you?

It’s not that I’m not happy. I am; probably a lot more than you morons getting drunk and dancing atop your cars at India Gate.

I watched the entire match and the post-match celebrations without blinking once more than the minimum number absolutely required to keep me from going blind.

I experienced pure joy when Dhoni hit that ball into the stands, his eyes following it all the way through, almost as if they were afraid to look away, intimidated to even think about the result of what he had just done.

I did almost choke up watching Sachin being carried around the ground, the Cup in his hands and tears in his eyes.

I was proud to hear what the younger players had to say about their win, proud to see them share their achievement and credit the support staff and Guru Gary.

You, on the other hand, probably did not see all that.

Because you were too busy being proud of your country. By breaking all her laws.

Because it gave you a legitimate chance to join the mob, to be uncouth, and to let all that pent up aggression and pseudo-nationalism come pouring out.

Tweets (fucking tweets) read: I’m proud to be an Indian today.


Why are you proud? And why today?

Today, a minister of the Union Cabinet was charged with forgery, corruption, conspiracy – daylight fucking robbery – the likes of which we have never witnessed in our history.

Did you go to India Gate to protest about that?

Did you even know?

No. Because you don’t give a shit about the country. You just want an excuse to get drunk and go around screaming like the uneducated, uncultured pigs you are.

And what exactly have we done, really, for you to feel so proud, so smug about yourselves?

Have we reversed the shameful decline in our sex ratio, the downright disgusting rate of female foeticide/infanticide?

Are we not still poorer than the whole of sub-Saharan Africa combined. (Yes, the same place which you refer to in your revolting, racist “jokes”.)

Did we give hope to the millions who have no food or shelter, who are forced to fight against the state for their fundamental rights and then be condemned and crushed as terrorists?

You would know the answers if you had ever taken the pain (and I know it would be rather painful) to read beyond the sports sections and the tabloids.

So by all means, go ahead with your shameless, tasteless show of pride; your embarrassing parade of misplaced jingoism and self-entitlement.

But don’t you fucking ask me in that tone, why I didn’t go to India Gate.

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One Response to No, I didn’t go to India Gate.

  1. The Regular says:

    I didn’t go to India Gate either.

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