You say you want a revolution…

Funny how things change around here. (Or don’t.)

I only feel like writing about this because it has a slight connection to the needless ranting that my last post was.

Barely has the face paint dried up that everyone already has another reason to shout about. All the people who were pronouncing his name like Anna Kournikova until yesterday, are now up in arms against the ‘çorrupt system’ and hailing the LokPal Bill as the ultimate solution.

I could go into details on why it’s a really bad idea: the means – ironically blackmailing a democratic system to fix it, or the ends – a ridiculous bill that will create a draconian, unaccountable super-authority.

But all that’s being done already by people far more knowledgeable and articulate than me. This gentleman, for example.

Only that they’re being pelted by internet jingoists because this has now become another test of your patriotism. You can’t dare say anything against the so-called movement.

A news website asks: ‘Will Jantar Mantar become our Tahrir Square?’.

They answer their own question aptly with the very next story: Bollywood’s new poster boy – Rana Daggubati.


Anyway, I guess it’s cool to have a cause to live and die (and tweet) for.

At least until the Mumbai Super Smashers play the Coimbatore Cobras tomorrow.

Me? I’m just an armchair critic, a useless cynic, trying to while away a slow Thursday afternoon.


Check out the official site for the movement. Its founders include Baba Ramdev, Sri^108 Ravi Shankar and Swami Agnivesh.

I bet the fine print in the bill lists pranayam as punishment.


What next? Fukushima or Gaddafi?

Or … how about last Saturday when I went to Ghaziabad and ate a choco lava cake? Now that was exciting.

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14 Responses to You say you want a revolution…

  1. Bludeehmary says:

    Haha, I didnt even know who Anna Hazare was until say 4 hours back. Yes, I generally do not read the newspapers. They make me angry which is not constructive because I dont have the means to channelize it. But yeah coming back to Anna Hazare, I was generally gangoozling(which I am doing very frequently these days) on twitter making random comments that I saw everybody wore their i-want-to-fight-corruption underwear. I googled and the only thing that stuck to my mind is his shiny bald head. Could there be a citizen worse than me ?

  2. Bludeehmary says:

    *when I saw that everybody wore their i-want-fight-corruption underwear today.

  3. scout says:

    I thought Anna Hazare was a mixed-race woman. Of course, what do I know. They don’t cover this shit in Women’s Wear Daily.

    • The Regular says:

      I wish you would update your blog once in a while. All that wittiness going to waste. Jeez.

    • Big Eyed Fish says:

      Yeah, then we’d have had a revolution on our hands.
      I’m tempted to discover, by the way, what it is exactly that Women’s Wear Daily covers. And that too, daily.

  4. Anouk says:

    Pranayam as punishment?! Cracked me up 😀 What do I know, I only do yoga every alternate day.

    • Big Eyed Fish says:

      Every alternate day. Wow. So can you bend your legs back over your head and touch your nose?
      Or levitate, at the very least.

      • Anouk says:

        Almost. Getting there. Levitation – it’ll take a while. But I live in hope.

      • Bloody Mary says:

        If you cannot see, you look through your knee. Take your kidney out and put it in the mouth. Take your poga brain and set it all about.

        That was some jingle on MTV /Channel [V] about their version of Yoga, I was kid then. Oh but it was funny alright

  5. Srin says:

    You aren’t the only farji around, basically. Assuming I guessed the meaning of ‘farji’ correctly. And so many readers, man. False modesty and all.

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