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Don’t call them doctors.

Why do all dentists have pictures of rotten teeth on the wall? That’s not very classy, is it? You’re already there. You don’t need any more reminders to floss, not now. Hospitals don’t have pictures of maimed accident victims and … Continue reading

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Waiting for today to end.

I’m woken up at nine by the pigeon gurgling like an idiot on the window sill. Another useless, brainless bird, that. I throw my spare pillow at it and immediately feel my half-awake cells collectively sigh at the thought of … Continue reading

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“And it gave a lovely light.”

Something I read in the news today has had a strange effect. Not quite sad, but sobering, sort of deflating. And I can’t help writing about it. So if you’re here for the usual load of bad jokes, pointless rants … Continue reading

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