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Despicable Delhi

I’m reading a book called ‘Delirious Delhi’, the account of an American couple’s stay in the city. You may have come across them at ‘Our Delhi Struggle’, their excellent blog which made the book inevitable. If you have, you would … Continue reading

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Very droll, Humpy.

The attentive reader (I mean you, of course) will be well aware of my love for British humour. Books and movies and TV shows seem to be on another level which can hardly be approached by any of the utter … Continue reading

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Ramblings of an adman.

‘The profession of advertising’ is mostly considered to be a fine example of an oxymoron. It routinely features near the bottoms of ‘respectable professions’ lists, only very closely beaten by used-car dealers and water-purifier salesmen. Although in recent days, the … Continue reading

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Bachelors of bullshit.

Sitting in a little café opposite one of India’s finest science and technology institutes producing the great minds, the elite, who will take the country marching into the future, you can see all that is wrong with the whole stinking … Continue reading

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