Oh, Lenina.

I have a job, like many of you, most of you. But unlike you, perhaps, I spend a disproportionate amount of time pondering why. It’s a dangerous word, that why. If you start asking yourself why, there’s no stopping. In the end, you will have no answers, and no choices but to lock yourself up for 3 days and read Charles Bukowski. Or something.

So, I try to distract myself. Luckily, we have the world wide web.

I spent the early afternoon reading about the Russian Revolution. I began by reading about Anastasia, but you know how Wikipedia is. Actually, I began by listening to Sympathy for the Devil. Because I was checking the price of Keith Richards’ book.

No, this is ridiculous. We can’t keep going back. The Russian Revolution, right.

What I found interesting was a bit about the abolition of serfdom by Tsar, ‘the Liberator’.

Revolutionaries believed that the newly freed serfs were merely being sold into wage slavery in the onset of the industrial revolution, and that the bourgeoisie had effectively replaced landowners.

You may not want to click on that link. I did, and early afternoon turned to late afternoon.

This is nothing new, of course. (Wage slavery, I mean; not me clicking on links.) It has existed in every form of society right from tribes of the Stone Ages. And it will do so until the end. There will be slaves, and there will be masters. The slaves will fight wars or elections. They will get promoted to boardrooms or cabinets. Then they will be masters. The pigs will become the farmers.

The only way it could stop is if the slaves started believing they were free. Or if they were too busy watching game shows and collecting virtual badges to even care. Then they shall be emancipated, liberated, satiated.

Which means I can be never be happy being a slave, and I’ll never care enough to be a master. I could, however, continue writing pointless blog posts about vague nonsense, when I should be earning my wages like a good citizen.

Perhaps I should just go out, take a cover picture or something.

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