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The middle of the night.

Yup, still in the mood some top-quality pseudo-leftist bullshit. Open magazine had an article last week on our revolutionary anti-corruption revolution that eventually turned into something much like a Monty Python script. It was written by Manu Joseph, who apparently … Continue reading

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No country for heretics.

Keeping with our theme of covering events of earth-shattering significance, Happy Independence Day is upon us.┬áKeep those little painted-tiranga images superimposed with appropriately vacuous quotes ready for easy sharing with your friends. I’m not just being cynical here (though I … Continue reading

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Notes from a twenty-something.

In a few hours, Curiosity will land on Mars. It is amazing, the things those Americans do even when they’re supposed to be past their glory days. I hope it doesn’t blow up, and finds water or 3-nippled-aliens or something, … Continue reading

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Let it spin.

A few years ago, I can’t say exactly when, I stopped listening to music. Now I hear a song or two sometimes while driving, sometimes when I take the Metro. But it’s not really listening, like it used to be. … Continue reading

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